Water Saving Devices

Water Conservation

Fine tuning of your water use areas can dramatically reduce water consumption on a daily basis. Great opportunities to conserve water exist in all properties and an investment sees quick payback periods on all devices. Lowflo have selected the leading technologies for optimum performance and efficiency in urinals, faucets, showers and WCs.

  • Urinals - Waterless urinal retrofit sytems.
  • Faucets- Simple retrofit devices.
  • Showers - flow restrictors or lowflow showerheads.
  • WCs- Flush mechanism retrofit or displacement devices.  

Lowflo have conducted numerous retrofit projects in some of Ireland's leading public facilities, offices, hotels, leisure centres and educational facilities. We have delivered a feasible cost benefit solution in every case with considerable savings to be made in every scenario with a payback period varying from 1week to 12months depending on the severity of your water overuse.

See how the North Monastery School saved >€20’000 on their water bill: Download : (WaterSavingCaseStudy.pdf 655 Kb)

Download our Brochure for Water Saving Devices & Products: (Brochure.pdf 1.35MB)