Leak Detection (Domestic)

Domestic Leak Detection

Lowflo are the industry leaders in the detection of underground leaks in domestic central heating, water mains and Hot & Cold water systems. Using various non-intrusive acoustic devices and our tracer gas system, Lowflo can accurately locate underground leaks.

Most situations are usually solved within the initial 3hr period, though this is purely dependant on the size of the leak – THE BIGGER THE LEAK THE EASIER IT IS TO FIND!

Acoustic method – Simply listening for the hissing/rumbling noise emitted by the leak through the pipe network and surrounding floor the leak can be detected down to a square foot.

Gas Tracer method - Involves pressurising the system with an inert non-toxic gas the gas will escape through the leak and rise to the floor surface to be traced using a “sniffer probe”. Traditionally plumbers would simply explore and dig numerous hole until water is located. Lowflo’s Tracer Gas method removes all the doubt and saves customers damaging tiling & wooden floors.

Once the leak has been located Lowflo’s extensive plumbing experience means that we lift flooring, excavate and completely repair the leak.


....."Lowflo, were able to locate the position of the leak within a few hours, dug it up and repaired the leak. Then they got our central heating back up and running.... the professionalism, knowledgable and all round friendly nature of the Lowflo operative...we would be happy to engage Lowflo in future work..."

Brian Larsen (Leak Detection Customer)