Leak Detection (Commercial)

Leak Detection

Water leaks cost money. Leaks can cost thousands of euros per year to your company. (note: 1litre/min = ~€1000 per year Domestic tap = 10-12litres/min). Let Lowflo’s team of experts detect your underground leaks. Our technicians are trained to a high standard to efficiently detect leaks, recommend remedies, liaise with water providers and conduct repairs. Lowflo can also work closely with you to maximise potential refunds. 

Investing in the right people Lowflo has grown from strength to strength and over the last few years. Lowflo is finding leaks where all our competitors are failing. Just ask GSK, the HSE, Bowen Construction, Developers and any of our customers. All this from structured training a vast knowledge base, Lowflo personnel can solve any of your water leaks.

All Lowflo vans are equipped with:

  • Ground Microphones & Correlators
  • Multi-pod Correlators
  • Noise Loggers
  • Step-testing equipment
  • LeakfinderTM – Ideal for tracing and pin-pointing leaks on small gauge plastic piping.
  • Hydrogen Gas Injection
  • Pipe Locators (Plastic & Mettallic)

Lowflo also offers:

Domestic Leak Detection – Experts in locating and repairing leaks in residential environments, Central Heating Leak Detection, hot/cold & mains water.

Leak Repairs – Lowflo provides repair crews right through from domestic leak repair right up to council trunk mains including full surface re-instatement.