Irish Water

Irish Water Charges have been changed. If you have a leak on your property you should follow our advice below.

Domectic Leak Detection

What will I do if I have a water leak on my property?

If the leak is within the boundary of your property it is your responsibility as the owner of the property to get it fixed. We would advise you to contact leak detection company like Lowflo who may assist you in determining the location of the leak and make a repair to the pipe.
If the leak is outside your property please contact Irish Water or Lowflo (1800 220 220)


Commercial Leak Detection

If you have high water bills or suspect a leak on your property or facility. Please call the Leak Detection Team in Lowflo 1800 220 220. Water charges can quickly escalate if you do not fix the leak. Irish Water still use the local authorities to issue water billls to commercial and non domestic customer.

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