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Water Control & Leak Detection

Lowflo offers a new and vital service in the area of water control and leak detection to all water consumers across the country. With our experience and advanced electronic technology, we have quickly become the country's leading water control and leak detection specialists.

Lowflo works to pin point accuracy with non-invasive methods in finding all types of leaks, including hidden pipes to avoiding unnecessary property damage. We can also monitor your water usage in order to minimise waste and in turn dramatically reduce your water bill. So whether your requirements are purely domestic or on a larger scale, Lowflo offers one of the most comprehensive water control and management services in the country.

By using the latest technology Lowflo offers the best "Leak Detection Service" in the country. 

Talk directly to one of our engineers and avail of our services nationwide

And don't forget Lowflo do Leak Repairs  too!

Here are some of the companies who avail of Lowflo services:

Lowflo Client: Arup - Leak Detection Lowflo Client: BAM - Leak Detection Lowflo Client: SISK - Water Saving
Lowflo Client: Bulmers - Water Conservation Services Lowflo Client: Cadbury - Water Saving Devices Lowflo Client: CIT - Leak Repair Work
Lowflo Client: Dalkia - Leak Tracing Lowflo Client: DTZ - Leak Alarms Lowflo Client: Dundalk I.T. - Leak Detection Ireland
Lowflo Client: GSK - Leak Detection Lowflo Client: HP - Water Leak Detection Lowflo Client: HSE - Water Saving
Lowflo Client: IBM - Ultrasonic Leak Detection Lowflo Client: Irish Rail - Water Auditing Services Lowflo Client: Liebherr - Acoustic Leak Detection
Lowflo Client: Office Of Public Works Ireland - Save Water Lowflo Client: Travelodge - Leak Detection

Lowflo Client: Tyco - New Leak Detection